As You Are Workshop

The As You Are workshop is a fun way for the members of a group to express and enjoy their creative natures. By sharing their lives in this way, they discover they are naturally creative. The supportive experience connects the group.

Master-of-ceremonies, Brooks Palmer, leads the audience through playful and creative games and interviews. He uses music, humor, and imagination during the show to bring people together. The Sonoma West Times and News says, “As You Are builds connections between strangers.” Read more here.

Watch excerpts from As You Are:

Audience Testimonials:

“Brooks is on to something here.  I don’t know if it’s tie-dye funky or extraordinarily sophisticated (probably both), but “As You Are” is the most un-Hollywood of talk shows.  The action is guided by the wide-ranging, omnivorous creativity of its modest host.  If you attend, you risk becoming the star (but don’t worry, all you have to do is be you, this moment, and that’s fascinating).  Amazing and hilarious things happen in each “episode.”–Susan

“Brooks Palmer is that rare, all-around performer: he’s a singer/songwriter, a gifted comic and a masterful raconteur. It’s not his style to let the audience sit back and passively take in the show…his virtuosity is getting people on stage and co-creating the evening’s entertainment together.”  –Ellie

“Brooks Palmer…what can I say? He has such an unusual style. He is so refreshingly himself, and human, and unpretentious, and yet with the open magical un-sophistication of a child, who is open and excited to try this on, or try that…no investment, just sheer open excited curiosity. And somehow he conveys this to the audience, inviting them to step out of character, into some unedited open curiosity too. I found myself enchanted. I love that it was so natural, and not Hollywood polished. It was refreshing. He even confessed to being shy. I myself tend to be self-conscious and reticent, and this was a good playground to try stepping forward as something different. It felt like a safe environment.”–Maxi

“I attended the “As You Are” Talk Show, and I am so glad I did. Eleanor Roosevelt said to do something everyday that scares you…attending this event was my scary moment for the day and I was determined to survive it. I not only survived, I enjoyed!! Thank you Brooks Palmer for making this event available. I will be at as many of the upcoming ones as possible…with friend(s) in tow.“–Joan

“I was an audience member at “As You Are”, and I just want to say thank you. What an incredible experience! It really showed what an incredible community we live in. I’m looking forward to the next one!! The “Hum-a-Secret” was life-changing, and I’m not kidding! Thank you so much.”–Benjamin

I highly recommend this community talk show. I found myself laughing and learning a lot. It is genuinely funny. It was a wonderful, fun, informative eve. Brooks sets a context and then people in the audience can speak up, tell their story, and pose questions. At this dark time in history, in my opinion, it is good to have such events, that build community.” –Shepherd

“Permission was granted to be goofy and silly and playful! I’m afraid I’m going to be a regular!”–Carmen