We’ll see!

We’ll see!

I was visited by my future self today. He arrived via time-machine from the year 3352. I asked how I could still be alive after so long. He said robot parts. I asked him to show me. He undid a screw and showed me all the wires and pulleys. They made whirring sounds.

I asked about the energy source. He showed me two AAA batteries. I asked him what happens when he’s out and about and the batteries wear out. He took a spare pair out of his pocket.

I asked him/me why the visit. He said that he wanted to visit me the day before something really really really good happens. I asked him what was the really really really good thing. He wouldn’t say because surprises are the spice of life.

I asked him why he didn’t visit me on the day of the really really really good thing. He said to create suspense.

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