Things I look at

Things I look at

I like to look at the sky.

The sky has no words or other types of information. The sky has no face with eyes to look back at me.

I like to look at the sky because it doesn’t have those things.

I look at the sky for about a minute. Any more than that and my neck hurts.

When I’m done looking at the sky, I look at the ground.

I look at the ground to make sure it doesn’t feel alienated from all my sky attention. You don’t want the ground to be angry at you because it will kick your ass with a trip, a hole, or an earthquake.

When I’m done looking at the ground, I sit down.

I sit because if I stand too much my back hurts. My back is curved. It’s called scoliosis. It’s a result of when I got sick in the past and lost some weight. The spine got confused with less meat to hold it in place and began to wander around. When I got well and the meat back, the spine was frozen in its wanderings. So it sometimes hurts.

When I’m done sitting, I go inside my house and pet my dog Rexy’s head. Rexy likes her head pet. If I don’t pet her head often, she shits on the rug, or digs up my plants. I understand. I get the same way if I don’t get my head pet often enough.

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