I finally sold a painting!

I finally sold a painting!

Theo Van Gogh

I haven’t been able to sell my art. I’ve tried in little ways, but I’m a timid marketer. It hasn’t stopped me from making art though. I hang them up around the house and they kindly keep me company.

Though, yesterday I got an inkling of a way to perhaps make some sales. I packed up all my paintings and took them and me in my time-travel machine to Brussels 1878, and the art dealership Galerie Goupil. I had to wait in the reception room but I soon got to have a meeting with Theo Van Gogh. He was very upbeat and friendly, and apologized for the wait.

He asked what I brought with me. I showed Theo the stack of my paintings. We went through them one by one. He didn’t seem bored, or try to rush me. He had a way of taking them in, as one would eating a meal, savoring each bite. I didn’t say anything, but secretly I felt that was worth any money he could pay me, which could explain why I haven’t sold anything.

There was one painting that intrigued him. He picked it up, took another deep look, and started to cry. He held away the painting from the tear drops. I thanked him for being conscientious. He said he would like to purchase it. I said okay. He took out his wallet and gave me 390 francs.

He looked at the painting again. He said it reminded him of his relationship with his brother. Here’s the painting he bought:

purchased by Theo Van Gogh


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