The Oatmeal’s Fool and the Maître d

The Oatmeal’s Fool and the Maître d


The giant came down from the clouds and clumsily walked around, smashing homes and stores with his malodorous feet. Finally the giant got tired, and lay down to sleep. Of course more homes, stores, and also forests were flattened.

My home wasn’t. But the giant’s head was right next to my home and his snoring made it impossible for me to focus on the book I was reading – Migen Plockner’s, The Oatmeal’s Fool and the Maître d.

I went outside, climbed into the nose of the giant (I had to hold on tight to his nose hair’s in order to not be blown away), then up through his sinuses, where I took a feather out of my pocket, and tickled the sinus walls. The giant sneezed, blowing me out, and waking himself up.

I was blown into my swimming pool, so I was okay. The giant got up and walked on, far enough away so that I couldn’t feel the ground shake anymore. I dried off, went inside, and back to reading.

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