Time-traveling to Spring 1960 in Wisconsin

Time-traveling to Spring 1960 in Wisconsin

wisconsin in spring

I got in my time-travel machine and traveled to a back road in Wisconsin in the spring of 1960. There was no traffic, but soon there was a car approaching. I stuck out my thumb. The car pulled over and the driver asked where I was heading. I said to Kenosha. The driver said so were they and I got in.

Inside was Massachusetts senator John F. Kennedy and his driver. Kennedy said he was on his way to speak as a candidate at a rally for the Democratic Primary.

I told them that I was a time-traveler. I’m always honest about this because even though most of the time people think I’m just being poetic, they feel comfortable and open up to me.

Kennedy joked, “Okay, Mister Time-Traveler, what does the future hold for me?” I said that he would win the primary, and go on to win the Presidency. Kennedy laughed and said, “Well, I like the sounds of that!”

Kennedy asked if I would like a campaign button. I said yes and while he pinned it on me, he looked me in the eye and said, “You’re not from around here.”

I said that I was from California. Kennedy said, “What brings you here?”

I said that I like to travel. Kennedy said, “A kindred spirit. I’m most at home while away from home. I feel like I’m meant to move, like the wind.”

I suddenly got very sleepy, a common occurrence that first hour of going back in time. I asked if it would be okay if I took a nap. Kennedy said, “I’m mighty tired myself. Let’s say we both take a sleeper.” I closed my eyes and was gone.

When I awoke, Kennedy and I were nestled together, like two puppies, post litter. He smelled like Brut by Faberge, a cologne my dad wore often when I was a kid.


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