Feeling Special

Feeling Special

You're special

I like feeling special. Here are some times in my life where I felt special:

1. In 1974 I became friends with President Gerald Ford. He sought me out. I got a letter from him that invited me to come and visit him at the White House. My parents or sister weren’t invited. My dad dropped me off at the White House and I spent the day with the President. We ate a big spaghetti meal, and ate quite a lot of chocolate cookies. We watched the movie Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Not on TV, but screened in the Grover Cleveland Presidential Screening Room. We also rolled around on the White House lawn. I wore a nice white shirt that got covered with green stains. I said that my parents were going to throw a fit, and President Ford issued me a pardon.

2. When I was three I got cast in a TV commercial for Salem cigarettes. Back then, kids were given cigarettes to smoke to help calm tantrums.  Anyway, I stared in this commercial. In it, I’m sitting in my desk at school, having difficulty figuring out math test problems. I lit a Salem cigarette and got my bearings back and aced the test. It was nice having all the attention during the shoot, and I got paid in 12 cartons of Salem menthol!!

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