Got away for a while

Got away for a while

under water

I had enough and got in my boat. I rode out a few miles, got out my deep sea suit, hooked it up, and went to the bottom of the Ocean. I sat there for a while. I liked the quiet and the dark.

Soon a squid came by. The squid waved at me with it’s many tentacles. I nodded. The squid moved on.

A whale came along. The whale winked at me. I nodded at the whale. The whale swam on.

I sat for a long while with no more interactions. I fell asleep twice.

I got hungry and went back to the surface. I took off the deep sea suit and looked around for snacks, but there was nothing. I rode the boat back to the dock.

I parked my boat and went to the restaurant just off the dock. The waitress brought me a menu. I ordered a hamburger and a cola.


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