A few ways I’m different

A few ways I’m different

I sleep standing up. I’ve been sleeping this way since I saw a horse asleep while standing in its stall. I only have to sleep this way two hours a night to get a full night’s sleep.

I eat by holding food in my hand. I don’t have to chew it. I hold the food in my right hand, and it gets absorbed through the skin. The great thing about this is that I never have to brush my teeth.

I speak without opening my mouth. What I want to say appears in the air in florescent colors. The person I’m conversing with reads the words, says their response, and my response appears again in the air.

Everything else about me is pretty normal. Except my bones are made of Styrofoam. I bought them at a hobby shop.


2 Responses to “A few ways I’m different”

  1. Julia Mossbridge says:

    It sounds to me like you are a rare bird. I would like to lick you.

  2. Brooks says:

    I am and yes.

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