The ride

The ride


I was driving when I heard a loud clang. Out of my back window I saw the car’s muffler roll to a stop in the middle of the road. I noticed that the car had become a lot louder. I turned up the radio.

I heard a much louder clang and noticed the back bumper had fallen off my car and rolled into a ditch behind me.

This was followed by both sides of the car falling off and flipping away in different directions. I kept driving.

Next the hood popped off, followed by the front bumper, and then the roof. I had the thought that my car was now just wearing its underwear.

Not long after this, various parts shot out of the engine, landing and bouncing on the road behind, until there was no engine left. Then the wheels popped off the car with tires intact, and they followed, rolling behind the car for a while.

By this time the car was still moving forward due to the momentum. The car was sliding roughly on the asphalt. I was grateful the gas tank wasn’t catching fire from all the sparks that were shooting off. The bottom of the car finally wore away. Now it was just me, the seat, and the driving wheel going forward.

The seat tore up, and I was just holding the driving wheel. I was sliding on my pants by now, but luckily I was only going a few miles an hour. I came to a stop in front of a bus stop. I got up, stood at the stop, and waited.

In about a half hour, the bus came. I got on the bus, paid the fare and took a seat. The bus took off.

I noticed a kid staring at me in the seat across the aisle. He asked if he could have the steering wheel, which I was still holding. I gave the kid the steering wheel. The kid gripped the steering wheel and pretended he was driving the bus.

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