The baby in the desert

The baby in the desert

I was out walking through the desert in the hot mid-day sun when I came across a baby sitting on a rock. I looked around to see if a parent was nearby, but there wasn’t.

I picked up the baby, held it in my arms, and rocked it. The baby made cooing sounds.

I looked around again for a parent. Nothing.

I noticed crawling marks in the sand that led up to the rock the baby had been sitting on. With the baby, I began tracing the crawling marks back to where they came from. I walked for nine hours.

I came upon a house at the edge of the desert. I knocked on the door but no one answered. I opened the door and went in. There were over twenty babies crawling around on the floor. I looked around for an adult or parent and found none. I set the baby down and she began crawling with the other babies.

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