The big block of ice on your head

The big block of ice on your head

a big block of ice

The other night I dreamnt of you. You were balancing a block of ice on your head. I asked you if you wanted to go and see a movie with me. You said, “Yes” and asked if I could wait until the ice had melted. I said okay and waited.

After about an hour, the ice had melted a little. There was a small puddle around your feet. But there was still most of the ice block balancing on your head. I asked you if it would be alright if I got out your blow dryer to quicken the melting. You said, “Okay.”

I got the blow dryer, plugged it in, and began blowing hot air on the block of ice. After an hour and a half, it seemed like the rest of the block of ice had melted. I asked if we could now go to to see a movie. You said there was a sliver of ice still on your head and you wanted to wait until it had completely melted.

We waited another half hour. You said the ice was fully melted and that we could now go and see a movie.

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