Hanging out with Luther the Fruit fly

Hanging out with Luther the Fruit fly

I spent the day hanging out with my friend,Luther the fruit fly Luther the Fruit-fly. Let me first say that I didn’t write “Fruit-fly” to point out that he’s that particular species. He likes his first name to be included with this particular moniker.

Anyway, we talked about how we’ve been friends longer with each other than any other friend we’ve ever known – 13 years. The longest I’ve ever been friends with someone else was with Morris the catfish. And I’m including the four years in the middle that we couldn’t stand each other.

Luther the Fruit-fly said, “I like how you smell. It’s like French fries dipped in lavender. Sometimes I can’t even hear the words you are saying because I’m so entranced by your smell.”

I said, “I like how we can wrestle in the grass for hours and it never feels sexual.”

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