Laying on the living room floor with the ghost of Charles Mathews

Laying on the living room floor with the ghost of Charles Mathews

Charels Mathews

I was laying on my living room floor. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. I can lay on there for hours. I’ll get up and get a drink of water if I’m thirsty, but then I’ll come right back and lay down on the floor.

The other day I was laying down on the floor when I was visited by the ghost of Charles Mathews, the comic actor who was once famous in 1800’s London.

The ghost of Charles Mathews said, “Can I lay on the floor with you?”

I said yes. We laid there for a bunch of hours. He shared wild stories from his theater days, like the time he and Charles Dickens had an orange eating contest on the Covenant Garden Theater. The ghost of Charles ate 89 oranges and Dickens ate 112.

I talked about the time I when I was five and got lost in the Grand Canyon. For three days there were 119 Grand Canyon Rangers out looking for me. The whole time I was sitting in a cave with a coyote named Fwidge Wilked. We talked about all kinds of things, like how life seems to not move forward, but moves around in place. We also went hunting for rabbits, and ate at least four. When I was found by the Rangers, I asked them to make Fwidge and honorary Ranger. They said they would. But I didn’t know if they did.

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