No wishes

No wishes

I went to the wishing well with a roll of quarters and sheets of papers on which I’d listed a great many wishes.

But when I got there, I discovered the wishing well had changed occupations and was now a drinking fountain. I was upset and let the now water fountain know.

The water fountain said, “I’m sorry that I have let you down. But would you like a drink of water?”

I said, “I don’t. There are other things I would like. Actually there are 49 other things which I have listed on paper.”

The water fountain said, “I’m sorry you went to all that trouble.”

I said, “Whatever.”

The water fountain said, “Sorry.”

I said, “Could you just listen to my wishes this one time?”

The water fountain said, “No, I can’t.”

I said, “I guess I’ll have that drink of water.”

I leaned forward and drank the spouting water.

I said, “That’s pretty good water.”

The water fountain said, “Thanks.”

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