I lay out on the riverbank and closed my eyes in order to take a nap. As I was about to fall asleep, a quacking duck startled me.

I sat up and said to the duck, “I”m sorry, but I don’t understand quacking. Could you speak in English?”

The duck said, “Yes. I wanted to know if you have some breadcrumbs. I’m awfully hungry.”

I opened up the lunch bag I had sitting next to me, got out the sandwich, and took off one of the pieces of bread.

The duck said, “Thanks, you don’t need to crumb it actually. I’ll eat it whole.”

I handed the duck the piece of bread.

After it ate the bread, the duck said, “So, you’re just hanging out, hmm?”

I said, “Yes, I’m taking a break actually. I’d like to go back to napping, if you don’t mind.”

The duck said, “I don’t mind. But I was wondering if I could nap with you? I’m feeling a little lonely.”

I said yes. I spooned the duck and we fell asleep.

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