A story from Bertrid the Cactus

A story from Bertrid the Cactus

bertrid the cactus

Hi, I’m Bertrid the Cactus.

I asked Brooks for this opportunity to write today’s post because I love to make up stories.

Here’s the story I’ve been thinking about all morning:

A horse speaks English. At first the humans are stunned. But then they start making Mister Ed jokes to the horse. The humans keep doing the warbly sounding word, “Wilbur!” to the horse’s face.

The horse has never seen the television show, Mr. Ed, and doesn’t understand the reference. Also the horse is upset that he isn’t taken seriously.

A barn mouse shows up in the horse’s stall and says to the horse, “They are making jokes at you because they are scared that you speak English.”

The horse says, “You mean they are intimidated by me?” The barn mouse nodded.

The horse suddenly felt better.

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