Getting to know Fredrick the lightening bolt

Getting to know Fredrick the lightening bolt

Fredrick the lightening bolt

I was walking out in a field in the rainstorm when it started to thunder.

I’m generally happy-go-lucky, so I didn’t worry about getting struck by lightening. But then this big bolt of lightening struck out from a cloud and was headed my way.

When the bolt was a few feet from my head, I asked, “Hey, what’s your name?”

The bolt stopped and said, “Oh, it’s Fredrick.”

I asked why it said, “Oh.”

Fredrick the bolt of lightening said, “It’s just that no one ever asks.”

I said that I was genuinely interested. I had never meet a bolt of lightening before.

I told it my name. We talked a good long hour. The entire time Fredrick the lightening bolt hovered in the air above me.

Finally, Fredrick said, “You know, I need to complete my journey into the ground or I’m gonna get in trouble. Would you mind if I travel through you in order to do my job?”

I asked if that meant I would get electrocuted.

Fredrick the lightening bolt said, “Not if you think about lavender.”

So I did. And he was right.

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