A note from way down under

Hi. I’m riding my dog team up to my igloo and thought I’d take a moment to type you a check in. To be honest, I’m typing this to you on my phone in order to keep my fingers from freezing. If I don’t move them constantly, then turn into ice claws.

When I first moved to the Antarctica, I thought I would be getting away from it all, and finally have a relaxing, do-nothing life. But I’m busier here than when I lived in my penthouse back in the city. This bottom of the world life is a constant flurry of activity meant only to keep yourself alive.

The other night, my igloo caved in while I was sleeping. I immediately got up and began forming new ice blocks, and then positioning them into a new igloo. I had to breathe hot air between each block in order to get it to melt a little so it would stick to the next block. By the time I was done, the Sun was coming up, and I had to go searching for breakfast to capture, kill, and cook.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be typing and dog steering at the same time, so I’d better sign off.

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