Pesky the Snail Hits the Road

Pesky the Snail in Albania

I went for a walk with my pet snail, Pesky.

Pesky the snail said, “There are so many places in the world that I want to go, but the problem is it takes me so long to get anywhere.”

I put Pesky the snail on my head and said, “I can help you go faster. Where would you like to go?”

Pesky the snail said, “First, I’d like to go to Tirana in Albania.”

I got in my car, drove to the airport, got a ticket to Tirana, flew the long flight, and landed in the Tirana International Airport, all with Pesky the snail on my head.

When we got to downtown Tirana, I set Pesky the snail and the sidewalk, and we continued our walk.

A lot of other people were walking their snails.

I said, “I can see why you wanted to come here.”

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