Out on the rowboat in the Ocean

boat in the ocean

I took my rowboat out on the Ocean today. I do this once a week because it helps develop my pecks and deltoids.

When I had gotten so far from the shore that it was no longer visible, I stopped and took a break. Muscle building requires adequate rest and activity.

I opened my cooler and got out a can of Vita-Schmidst. It’s a German energy drink. I like it because it’s marshmallow flavored.

I drank it down and watched the waves. According to my doctor, waves have a calming effect. This helps me with me anxiety. I’m an anxious dude.

It was then that I saw the whale surface. It was like a building suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The whale noticed my alarm and said, “Oh, don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I just came to the surface to get a change of pace. The under Ocean can get quite monotonous.”

I said, “Thanks for letting me know I’m not in danger. I have a problem with anxiety. I was nervous for a moment there, but now I’m better.”

The whale said, “My name is Bita-bita.” I said that I was Brooks.

We’d talked for about 15 minutes when my alarm went off. I said that I needed to get back to my rowing in order to best enhance my upper development.

The whale said, “It was good meeting you, Brooks. I hope to see you again sometime soon.”

I said that I would like it too. I’m pretty sure I meant it.

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