Trying to get help from the Big Rock

big rock

I was feeling troubled and went out to talk with the Big Rock.

The Big Rock said, “What is bothering you, my son?”

I said, “I don’t know…I…I just…I don’t know.”

The Big Rock said, “If you did know, what would you say is bothering you?”

I said, “That question bothers me.”

The Big Rock said, “Good, now we’re getting somewhere. What bothers you about the question?”

I said, “Well, it makes me feel bad about not knowing what’s bothering me.”

The Big Rock, “Great, problem solved.”

I got frustrated and walked away. I came upon a mouse who was nibbling on a bread crumb.

The mouse said, “Would you like some crumb?”

I said yes. I sat down and the mouse handed me the crumb. I nibbled on it. I began to feel better.

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