I needed a break and took my rocket ship to Saturn. I like going to Saturn for a couple of reasons. The two weeks to get there always clears out my head. And second, I love flying my rocket through the rings and watching the pieces of ice, dust and rocks scatter off in crazy patterns .
Anyway, I landed on Saturn and got out and went for a walk. I found a pond with purple water, took off my space boots, stepped in and walked barefoot. Strange looking fish with thirty eyes brushed past my feet. I finally got the peace of mind I was looking for.
One of the fish stuck its face out of the water and looked up at me with its many eyes. The fish said I was fouling up the water with my smelly feet. I apologized and said that I’d only brought enough pairs of socks for a week. The fish sighed.
I felt foolish because I thought I should just have apologized and left out the excuse.
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