The Bricks

I lost my home. I figured I would go for a walk. Soon I came across a group of bricks.

One of the bricks said, “Would you like a house?”

I said yes.

The brick said, “If you’d like, we could be your house.”

I said they weren’t a house, but a pile of bricks.

The brick said, “A pile, yes. But compiled, we become your house.”

I said that was a generous offer, but I was unskilled at compilation.

The brick said, “No problem, we know how to do it. Please wait.” I stood and watched the bricks quickly assemble into a house. When they were done, a brick door swung open at the front of the house.

I walked in through the door and sat down on a brick sofa.

The original brick that spoke to me was now a part of the sofa. It said, “Do you like it?”

I said yes, and thank you, but that I was a little tense from the hardness of the brick sofa.

That’s when the totality of bricks sang me a lullaby that went like this, “It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. It’s going to be okay. Before you know it. It’s going to be…okay.”

And in a few minutes, it was.

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