A Visit from Calvin

President Calvin Coolidge as a boy

I was down in the basement, canning peaches for the winter when the ghost of President Calvin Coolidge as a young boy appeared.

I asked if he wanted some peaches. The boy ghost of Coolidge said, “Yes, please, sir.”

The boy ghost ate the peaches I gave him and then thanked me. I asked why he came to visit.

The boy ghost of Coolidge said, “I know you’re having a difficult and challenging time with the results of your recent Presidential election. I thought it would be helpful for you to know that every President started out as a child.”

I sighed as the impact of his words reached my heart. I thanked him.

That’s when the boy ghost of Coolidge flipped over the table, and all the mason jars shattered as they hit the floor, mixing in with broken pieces of peaches.

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