If You Give It Some Time

A cloud appeared outside my apartment window. The cloud asked if I would like to go for a ride. I said yes. I climbed out my window and got on the cloud.

The cloud took me over the city. Soon the cloud went out over the sea. Eventually the cloud reached a cruise ship. I asked the cloud to let me off. The cloud stopped and I got off onto the ship.

I walked around the deck. One of the crew told me that dinner was being served and pointed me towards the dinning hall. I went to the hall, got a plate of food, sat down, and enjoyed the meal. 

Afterwards a band began to play. I wanted to dance but didn’t know anyone on the ship to dance with. I looked over to another table and saw the cloud that originally brought me. The cloud nodded at me. I nodded back. I mouthed, “Would you like to dance?”

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