It’s Hard to Get Away from Everything

I needed to get away and drove out to the desert. I got out of my car and walked for about an hour. Finally I found a spot that felt peaceful.

Suddenly a helicopter appeared overhead. The helicopter landed and a group of men in suits got out. One of them came up to greet me, as the others formed a large circle around us.

The man who approached me was President Obama. He said he comes to this place in the desert when he really needs to get away. The people with him were secret service agents.

I said that this was my first time to this space. I blabbed that my life was I’m sure in no way as overwhelming as the President’s. I joked that if I’d known he was coming, I would have worn a tie. I confessed that I didn’t vote in the last election because I wasn’t feeling that well. 

President Obama seemed to not hear what I said. He appeared fidgety. I got it that he didn’t have the resources to take me in. I wished him well and walked back to my car.

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