I was hiding turkeys in my basement. They were staying with me until the day after Thanksgiving.

I did this out of the goodness of my heart.

But I soon had regrets because the turkeys were so damn noisy. They spoke in high pitch throttles all the live long day.

I cracked and called the Hormel turkey processing plant, which is just down the road. The Hormel people thanked me saying they were short turkeys and sent a team over. They got the turkeys and my house was quiet again.

I was enjoying the solace in my easy chair when I heard a soft, “gobble-gobble.” I looked over and saw a baby turkey walking around my living room floor. I called Hormel, but they said there’s no market for turkey veal.

So, I let the baby turkey curl up on my lap and we watched some TV together. Tomorrow we’re going to visit the zoo.

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