I was taking a stroll by myself through the woods when I came across the Eagles, the rock band that is. They were playing their instruments and singing the song, Desperado. I like that song, so I sat down on a fallen tree and listened.

When the Eagles finished singing, the drummer Don Henley asked me, “Do you have any requests?”

I said, “Do you know Blue Moon Breakdown?” They didn’t. I said, “It’s a song by Mel Sinclair from the 1920s. It goes like this:

Blue Moon
The way you shine your light on me,
Blue Moon
Illuminating everything like the deep blue sea

The Eagles picked up on the melody in my voice and backed me up.

When I was done I thanked the Eagles and went back to my stroll.

Down the path a bit, I came across the ghost of Mel Sinclair. Mel said, “Thanks for ‘preciating my song in the special way you did back there, Sonny.”

I said, “You’re welcome, sir. Thanks for writing it!”

The ghost of Mel Sinclair said, “We do what we can, my friend. We do what we can.”

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