Full Circle

I was taking a stroll across the icy tundra of northern Canada when a polar bear appeared out of nowhere and began to chase me.

I don’t even know why I ran. I only have two legs and my boots have crappy traction. But there I was, panting, slipping and yelling.

I soon ran out of breath and stopped. I expected the polar bear to be mauling and eating me in seconds. I turned around and saw the polar bear a few feet away. Like an idiot I covered my head and screamed.

The polar bear stopped and said it had no intention of eating me. The polar bear said its name was Billy Beaver, a classmate of mine from elementary school. The polar bear said it had species transformation surgery ten years back, and afterwards migrated up to northern Canada.

I apologized for my behavior and said I was glad to see Billy again. We reminisced about our school days. Billy asked if I was still a terrible speller. I said that I was. But I was proud of my invention of spell-check.

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