Finding Value

I won the lottery. I was so excited when I read the winning numbers on the internet that I put the winning ticket in a frame and hung it over my bed. This way when I went to bed at night, I would see the ticket and be reminded of how lucky I am.

My wife said I’m a fool and said I should bring the ticket to the lottery office, get the winnings, and look at our bank account as a reminder of my good fortune.

I said that I would forget where the money came from, get used to the money, and go about my life, finding fault with the constant little difficulties that life brings my way.

My wife said that I would eventually get used to seeing the lottery ticket above the bed, stop noticing it, and forget it ever happened. She promised that if I cashed in the winning ticket, she would remind me on a daily basis of my good fortune.

I said that it’s impossible to be consistent in one’s actions. We’re built for variety.

My wife took the frame with the winning ticket off the wall and cracked it over my head.

I took the lottery ticket out of the frame, went into the kitchen, opened a can of dog food, put the food in a bowl, and pushed the lottery ticket into the middle of the dog food. I set the bowl of dog food on the ground. I called my dog Rexy, who came into the kitchen and ate the food.

I picked up my dog Rexy. She licked my face.

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