In Spite of My Best Intentions

My plane ran out of gas. I plummeted to the earth.

I reached for the parachute but it was missing. I remembered my kids playing with the parachute in the backyard yesterday. They were having a great time.

I realized there was nothing I could do. I relaxed and sat back in my seat. It was interesting to watch the ground get closer and bigger. It reminded me of those time lapse nature films.

I noticed a mallard outside my pilot’s window. The mallard was waving its wing at me.

I opened the window.

The mallard said, “You’re going the wrong direction!”

I said, “I know. I’m out of gas.”

The mallard said, “That’s unfortunate.”

I said, “I know.”

The mallard said, “I wish I could help.”

I said, “I appreciate it.”

The mallard flew off.

I looked back at the ground and wondered if the dirt has feelings. Recently I started thinking that plants have feelings. In consideration, I’ve been skipping having a salad with my meals.

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