Piece by Piece

I sat on the floor in a room that only contained me.

I thought, “What else do I need?”

Chocolate entered my mind. I rarely eat chocolate.

I pondered, “Do I leave the peace and simplicity of this room to find chocolate?”

I left the room, took the elevator down, and exited the building. I went to the corner store. I perused the candy aisle. I found and purchased a Big n’ Chunky chocolate bar. I brought the Big n’ Chunky bar back to my room.

I unwrapped the candy bar and ate it.

I thought, “Am I satisfied?”

I realized I wasn’t and went back out, this time to Macy’s, and bought a bed, bedding, pillows, a nightstand, a lamp, a TV stand, a television, a blue-ray player, a chest of drawers, pants, shirts, underwear, socks, a rug, a rocking chair, and a copy of Picasso’s Three Musicians.

The items were delivered to and set up in my room.

I thought, “I forgot to purchase a blue-ray disc to watch on my blue-ray player.”

I left and went to the corner store and bought a disc of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” I came back home, put in the disc, laid in bed, and began to watch the movie.

I became drowsy and fell asleep. I went instantly into deep sleep. Everything I purchased, and the room and even myself were gone. There wasn’t even nothing.

I woke up to the scene in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” where Sid Caeser is trying to drive and look at his map at the same time. He can’t see where he is driving and causes a great chaos on the freeway.

I heard a tapping at the window. I looked over and saw a robin looking at me. I waved. The robin nodded back.

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