I was at home, standing by the kitchen sink, washing my dog Rexy, when I heard the snap, pop, and crackle of an impending time travel trip.

My kitchen disappeared and I was falling through time with Rexy. Even though Rexy was in mid-air, she shook her body and coated me with a spray of water.

Rexy and I landed on a concert stage during mid show. The audience went nuts. I think they thought we were part of the show. It’s nice to be admired in any circumstance.

I looked around and saw Jimi Hendrix playing guitar. He was so skinny. It felt like his body wanted to cave in on itself. I think that’s what accounted for the distortion he was playing.

Rexy went nuts with the loud high-pitched sounds and went over and peed on Jimi Hendrix, who didn’t seem to notice. But I though that afterwards Jimi Hendrix would wonder why he smelled like dog pee.

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