Helping History

I was sitting in the tub when I felt the air around me crackle. I instinctively grabbed a towel as I was hurtled away in a time-travel blip.

I flew through the fallopian tubes of time and was tossed out into the Watergate Hearings of May 1973. Photographs bulbs flashed, and I heard someone remark about my lack of tan.

U.S. Senator Sam Ervin, the chair person, said, “Towel clad man, take a seat!”

I sat down at the table. I leaned into the mic and said, “It’s good to be here.” I meant it. I watched these hearings on TV when I was a kid. It made me realize that most people in charge are pretty much wrong and are not to be trusted.

Senator Ervin said, “Perhaps you can educate us as to why are you only wearing a towel?”

I said, “This towel is from the Watergate Hotel. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to steal things from hotels.”

Senator Ervin said, “The naked man has a point. I once stole an astray from the Fort Sumter Hilton in Charleston. I figured it was gratis.”

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