I went by the North Pole to visit my friend Santa.

I found Santa drunk and yelling at the elves. I asked if I could help. Santa asked who I was. I didn’t take it personally because I go to Al-anon.

I got Santa to lie down on a couch and close his eyes. He fell asleep in seconds. I covered him with a blanket.

The elves thanked me and went back to work.

Santa got up a couple of hours later. He apologized to everyone. He admitted he had a problem with alcohol. I called one of my friends who’s in AA and asked him if he knew of any meetings nearby. He got online and found a meeting in Anchorage at seven. Santa and I took the sleigh and went.

At the AA meeting, they asked if there were any newcomers. Santa stood up and said, “I’m Santa and I’m an alcoholic.” Because he was wearing his red suit, I sensed the people at the meeting knew who he was.

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