It’s Not Easy to Relate to Anyone

I was hiking through the Phoenix desert when I fell into a rodent hole. Yes, it’s true, the holes aren’t that big, but I’m thin, flexible, and curious.

I fell for about thirty seconds. I landed on the inhabitant, a desert owl. Normally this would be an opportunity for being social. But the desert owl eats anything that falls into its living hole.

The desert owl made of go of it, chewing on my right hiking shoe. I felt badly for my intrusion, so I let the chewing continue.

The desert owl was getting nowhere and was frustrated. I said, “Once on a hike, I got lost. I ate all my snacks and was still hungry. Out of desperation, I tried eating the same shoe, and also had no luck.”

The desert owl stopped. Lit a cigarette. We sat in silence. It was awkward.

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