I Can’t Explain

I had breakfast with Pete Townsend of the Who.

Pete asked me if I’d purchased the re-re-release of the their album Quadrophenia. I said that I bought the album when I was a teenager. And then the CD two years ago.

Pete said that the re-re-release that came out last week is an even better version. I said I was glad he felt proud of his work. Pete said that I was being condescending. I asked Pete what that meant. Pete explained that I was offensively coming from a superior position.

I said that I’m not smart enough to do that. Pete said that I was acquiescing in my purported humbleness to make myself seem better than him.

I asked Pete what was wrong. Pete told me that he’s naturally neurotic and not to take anything he said personally. I made a mental note to delete all the Who songs from my itunes folder.

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