I felt a sensation in my pocket. I took out the change. The face of Lincoln on the penny winked at me.

I said, “Yes, penny, what is it?”

Lincoln on the penny said, “What if you thought of me as other than money?”

I said, “But you are money.”

Lincoln on the penny said, “I know, but I’m also copper. And I’m the upper half of Lincoln. I’m also a metal wheel that you can flip to help make decisions.”

I put the penny back in my pocket and emailed the U.S. Mint to complain about talking money. They emailed me back and said, “Sometimes things aren’t a problem but an opportunity to listen.”

So I emailed my congressman about how I felt the U.S. Mint was being too personal. My congressman wrote back saying, “There isn’t money in the budget to resolve your problem. Plus, the U.S. Mint has a point.”

I took the penny out of my pocket and rubbed it between my finger and thumb.

Lincoln on the penny purred.

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