A New Solution

My dog Rexy went crazy digging a hole in my backyard. At first I thought she smelled a bone just under the surface. But eventually she had dug twenty feet in the ground, and then started barking like crazy.

I went out to see what all the fuss was about. Rexy found a leather briefcase. I went down into the hole and opened the briefcase. It was filled with hundred dollar bills.

I jumped for joy and exclaimed that all my problems had been solved. I could pay off my $125,000 and growing debt for my out of control addiction to mashed potatoes that takes me around the world sampling this potato dish in the search for the “best mashed potato.”

Rexy pointed out the my mashed potato addiction was a subterfuge of my need for unconditional love. That I could pay off the debt and continue funding my culinary travels for maybe another six months, but that I would never find mashed potatoes that would actually satisfy me. Rexy said this found money would not solve, but actually exasperate my pain.

I realized Rexy was right. I set down the suitcase. I cried. Rexy came up and licked my face. My heart shook so loudly that I worried the dirt would cave in on us. But it didn’t.

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