I was staying at a Holiday Inn in Edmonton, BC. I like to visit Canada because it’s quieter than the USA. In Canada, people apologize if they walk too hard.

I caught the elevator down to the lobby. A few floors down, the elevator stopped and let in the members of the band Pearl Jam. We all said hi. I’m thankful for, “Hi.” It’s the only really useful and friendly thing you can say to someone else. Pretty much anything said after hello is a mistake.

The elevator doors closed and we descended. We all looked down and said nothing. The doors opened up to the lobby. The band went out, walked through the lobby, out to the street, and got in a limo for their show that night at the Pacific Coliseum.

I sat on a sofa in the lobby next to the fish tank. I watched a goldfish wander into the castle in the aquarium. The goldfish stayed in there for a while.

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