I took a trip this weekend to the planet Zhor.

While walking around on Zhor, I ran into a Zhororian who was carrying a book called Better Late Than Dead! I asked to take a look. The book was filled with all of my blogs.

I said, “I wrote these.”

The Zhororian said, “Good for you.”

I said, “No, I just, I mean…Do you like the stories?”

The Zhororian said, “We read your book to learn English.”

I said, “Great! And did you like what you read?”

The Zhororian said, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

Just then Zhor’s sky burst into a melodious mixture of sounds and colors. The audible visions poured onto the ground. The colors sang and danced before us. The vibrating rainbows grabbed our hands and we sang and danced in a circle. The singing hues formed a wave, lifting myself and the Zhororian skywards.

We looked at each other. I said, “I can’t remember what I asked you.”

The Zhorarian said, “Why are you still talking?”

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