He’s Right

I was tending the garden when I was joined by the ghost of famous astronomer Galileo Galilei.

Galileo said, “That’s a healthy looking garden.”

I said, “Thanks. I work hard at it. If I leave it alone for a day, it becomes a knotted nightmare.”

Galileo said, “Anything we care about needs tending.”

I said, “Sometimes tending is not enough. For instance, I sucked in science. I tried to study, but it was a miracle if I could get a D.”

Galileo said, “Sucking at something is actually a progressive trait. It means you see things differently than the way everyone has up till now. The Catholic Church said I sucked when I said that the sun, not the earth, was the center of our universe.”

I pulled up some weeds. Galileo handed me a bucket to put them in.

I said, “Thanks…Still, sucking, no matter how new and correct it may be, brings with it a significant dollop of punishment.”

Galileo said, “Yes. But in the end, you share a room with only yourself, and you do best to not alienate such an intimate roommate.”

I got out the hose and started to water the garden. For fun I sprayed water on Galileo. The water went right through him.

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