New Found Friends

The power was out. I lit a candle and sat on the couch in my living room. I thought, “Finally, some quiet time.”

But it was not to be.

A gathering of mice and rats soon appeared in my living room. It seemed to me that they do this every night when I go to sleep. The lights were out and they assumed it was business as usual.

I cleared my throat and introduced myself. The rats and mice began to scatter but I implored them to stay. I mentioned that I like animals and mean them no harm. The rats and mice calmly returned.

I momentarily excused myself and went to the kitchen and took out of the refrigerator a big hunk of mozzarella cheese. I sliced the cheese up into small bits, put them on a plate, and brought the cheese to the living room for my new friends and I to enjoy.

While we feasted, we shared stories. One of the rats told a harrowing tale of being chased and cornered by the neighbor’s persian cat. The rat asked for one last wish, which the persian cat granted. The rat asked for a kiss from the persian cat’s lips. The cat was stunned, but acquiesced . They kissed. It was a passionate embrace that lasted for minutes. Neither wanted the kiss to end. Finally when it did, the persian cat declared it had lost the desire to eat the rat.

I made a joke that would a similar situation ensue if the mozzarella cheese could speak. No one laughed.

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