My Giraffe

I took my giraffe out for a stroll. The giraffe likes eating from the neighbor’s trees. And the neighbors like it because it saves them from having to trim their trees.

I originally bought my giraffe off of Craigslist. It was listed under pets. I’d been thinking of buying a mouse because they are small and easy to take care of. But when I saw the ad and photo of the giraffe I thought it was that much more of a pet to love.

Sometimes when I feel tired, I ride on my giraffe’s back. It’s amazing because I can see above cars, small trees and houses. I pretend I live in the open plains of Africa. I think to myself, “I am the original man!” But then my giraffe poops and I have to climb down and put the poop in a lawn and leaf bag, and I end up feeling like I work for the circus. But then I imagine I’m a clown and I feel happy again .

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