Me and my Tornado

I caught up with a tornado and we went for a walk.

I asked the tornado, “Do you like your job?”

The tornado said, “Yes, it suits me.”

I said, “Do you mind the mayhem you create?”

The tornado said, “You can’t take a step in this world without causing harm.”

I said, “But what if you took gentler steps. Like if you were a strong wind rather than a land-mulching cuisinart?”

The tornado said, “Impossible. We live in a world of constant creation and destruction. The dissolution of one thing creates the birth of the next.”

I thought about all the things I’ve broken, worn out, ate and burnt in my life. I reached over and held the tornado’s hand.

2 Responses to “Me and my Tornado”

  1. LifeLemurs says:

    Wow. I just discovered this blog by way of Lifeguard of Love. You, sir, are pretty intriguing. This blog reminds me of a few short stories I wrote in high school, but you have perfected this rare weird-storytelling into an art. Each post is a gem. You are like a jeweler.

  2. That's my job. I'm a jeweler.

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