Go to Hell

I died and went to hell. I was stunned because I never believed in hell. It’s like Xanadu, Tatooine, or World Peace. An interesting sounding place that’s fun to fantasize about.

So, there I was, dead, standing amidst flames. The thing is, I like fire. But it’s so much trouble starting a fire. You have to open the chimney shoot, getting sooty hands, followed by frustrating attempts to spark the kindling.

But these were sun-sized flames, ready-to-wear. I basked like a lizard under a heat lamp.

Eventually the Devil showed up. He was furious because I was happy. The Devil turned up the flames and I thanked him. This made the Devil angrier. I said when we focus on what’s wrong, that’s all we see.

The Devil flicked a lever which shut off all the flames. Things got very cold. I shivered. The Devil laughed at me. But then he got cold and uncomfortable. The Devil gave up and cried. I’m comforted when people who seem to have it all together fall apart. I feel like I have something in common with them.

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