Visiting Royalty

I went to Egypt and visited the pyramids. They looked like old weathered geometry statues.

I wanted to go inside where I figured it was shinier. I felt along the outside of the pyramid until I found a lever that opened up a door to a secret passageway.

I went in, the door closed behind me, and I was immersed in complete darkness. I used my cell phone as a flashlight. I was enthralled by the jewel-encrusted solid gold hallways. It reminded me of Las Vegas.

I came to a sarcophagus. I thought about how coffins are like clothes for dead people.

I opened the shiny coffin. There was a corpse. Suddenly the corpse yawned and opened its eyes.

The corpse said, “What time is it?”

I said, “I don’t know because I can’t get phone reception in the pyramid.”

The corpse said, “I’m King Djoser. I rule all lands of humankind.”

I said, “I’m Brooks. I was class President in my junior year of high school.”

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