Lost in Space

I was coming back from Jupiter and recovering from the lunch I had with a Spichlisther. A Spichlisther has similar looks to a human baby, but is about five stories tall and weighs about 20,000 pounds. The thing is, a Spichlisther is hyper-intelligent and rapid-fire speaks like a cross between Shakespeare, a carnival barker, and a mockingbird. You have to stand tall and stay alert to have a conversation with a Spichlisther, otherwise you might wane and get teethed.

Nonetheless, I was tired as I drove my rocket-ship back to Earth. Tired enough that I headed space west rather than space east and ended up in a different galaxy. I knew that I needed to rest, so I landed on a planet and got a room for the night. The funny thing is, no matter where you go in space, no matter how strange other species think look and talk, or how crazy is the atmosphere, hotel rooms are exactly the same. There’s the queen-sized bed, the TV, the bathroom with the tub, and check out time is 11 am.

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