To the Moon!

I felt myself slipping forward in time. I can tell forward because of the fresh scent. Going back in time has a putrid aroma. Everything at some point starts to rot.

It was 2094 and I was on the Moon. A majority of the population had left Earth to move to the Moon. Land is cheap, the view of the Earth is amazing, and after thousands of years you get tired as a species living on the same planet.

People on the Moon have to wear space suits. Not the bulky kind we’re used to seeing on astronauts. Now it’s silky one piece suits and something resembling a scarf across the face.

There are no countries or armies. Gravity is seen as the main enemy. It takes all your efforts to get anywhere or do basic tasks. It’s hard to hate when the elements conspire to lift you and everything you own off of the ground.

But there are benefits. Trash isn’t a problem. People open the windows to their home and throw out trash which rises upward and disappears out into vast space. Sometimes that happens to people when they forget to wear their weighted boots. It’s seen as a cause of celebration because the Moon is greatly overpopulated.

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